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Project SmartCityDK

Energy renovation of villages 

In cooperation with the project, Energy City has produced a report regarding the topic on how to energy optimize small villages to create better and more sustainable housing in rural areas. 
The report is called: “The energy optimized village” based on two villages in Frederikshavn Municipality.

The report revolves around turning points in the development of threatened villages. Sustainable energy can be the starting point for better and more modern homes in small villages.
The report has focus on two local villages called “Jerup” and “Dybvad”. Both villages, have a great potential to develop into sustainable villages over time, due to their location and demography

Construction renovation and energy optimizing of houses in the villages is supported by the citizens in the Municipality of Frederikshavn. 
Energy City is hosts a public meeting in both villages. We focus on energy renovation as a prerequisite for attractive residence and a sustainable development of the villages.