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A Photonics cluster

Energy City Frederikshavn is behind the creation of a new cluster of light engineering businesses in North Jutland. The project is about identifying and recruiting appropriate North Jutland photonics companies, research institutions and users of smart lighting technologies.
Photonics is described as a field with an unexplored business potential regarding a great development and growth potential. Therefore a group with specialist knowledge within the field has gathered to etablish a North Jutland photonics cluster. The purpose is to ensure that businesses and the research environment in North Jutland are able to grasp the many opportunities.

The project will help ensure the North Jutland lighting competitiveness of companies, through capacity building and innovation, and through an increased market share. In the long term, the group intends to involve national photonics clusters.

Partners in the cluster include the North Jutland Region, the Danish Outdoor Living Lab, Aalborg University, Roblon A / S, MARTIN A / S, TL Lyngsaa A / S and S-Light A / S, Frederikshavn Municipality with Energy City Frederikshavn as the initiator and coordinator.

What is Photonics

Photonics covers all technical applications of light that covers the entire spectrum, from the ultraviolet through the visible light to near, medium and far infrared light.