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The Youth Climate Council will inspire the world's climate efforts

Members of Denmark's first municipal youth climate council are invited to the 2´nd International Conference on Sustainability starting in Bremen today, to present Ungeklimarådet Frederikshavn to participants from all over the world. The UN's 17 world goals are on the agenda, and how are young people involved in their dissemination? Malene Munk and Sofie Nielsen can answer that. They have been members of the Youth Climate Council in Frederikshavn Municipality since it was set up, and have already put sustainability on the agenda with local youth:

“It means a lot to us being invited to Bremen to represent Frederikshavn and tell others about everything we do in the Energy City and in Frederikshavn for the climate. We also look forward to talking to others about what opportunities young people have to influence and get a voice in the climate debate, and how the world goals are translated into concrete initiatives in everyday life. In Frederikshavn, we focus more on projects and initiatives than on protests,” says Malene Munk.

It is the Energy City of Frederikshavn Municipality, which is behind the Youth Climate Council, and project manager Poul Rask Nielsen, is on the trip to Bremen. He has no doubt that the young are much more than a voice. They are a movement:

”The commitment of the members of the Young Climate Council in Frederikshavn are great. The young speakers have something to offer in Bremen. Young people accept that the climate needs their help. Many are aware of the size of their carbon footprint, and this contributes to their ability to act. In the Youth Climate Council in Frederikshavn, we try to translate the force of action into concrete initiatives, and that method can be used, whether local or global,” says Poul Rask Nielsen.