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We like to inspire

More and more danish municipalities open their eyes to the Youth Climate Council in Frederikshavn. Høje Taastrup, Kolding and Sønderborg are inspired and are now working to establish their own Youth Climate Council. The Energy City is looking for new voluntary forces to work with the green transition

 While the Youth Climate Council in Frederikshavn has established itself and got a good grip on the local community, the awareness is also expanding beyond the municipal boundary. The members of the Youth Climate Council share their experiences with several other municipalities who want to create their own Youth Climate Councils, and at the same time, the pool of experiences is shared more and more. Recycling clothing and plastic are a few of the headlines from the list of successful events that the young people in the council are behind, and with climate savings as a driving force, the Youth Climate Council Frederikshavn has even more good ideas to share.

“Obviously it’s what we want when we are called by other municipalities who have noticed us and our work and who wants to do something similar. It is also part of the intention of the Youth Climate Council, to pay attention to ways we can make a difference, so we very much share ideas, and good as well as less good experiences with climate work, ” says Poul Rask Nielsen, project manager , Energy City Frederikshavn Municipality.

More must attend

In the municipality of Frederikshavn, the Youth Climate Council is ready to accept new members. Several have moved away from home or are in higher education, and therefore the Council wishes to see new forces interested in green transition and sustainability, and who will participate in the work based on the Youth Climate Council:

“We find that there are many organizations and other volunteers who are fighting for the attention of the young people, but together with the large media awareness of climate, the worldwide climate strikes and young people who are taking steps towards sustainable lifestyles, more eyes are opened, that it is important and that it must succeed.  The more the merrier,” says Poul Rask Nielsen.

On the agenda, this fall is a sustainability conference, focus on food waste and teaching material. In addition, the boundaries are flexible, so it is up to the members to find out what they believe is necessary to involve as many people as possible, young and old, in the green transition.