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Sweet subsidy scheme for renewable energy

FREDERIKSHAVN: The Danish Energy Agency has nearly three billion Danish kroner just waiting to be granted in aid to companies, who wish a transition from fossil to renewable energy in their production processes.

Erhvervshus Nord encourages companies in North Jutland to look into the energy opportunities.

Since 2013, the Danish Energy Agency has funded green transition in companies via the VE process subsidy scheme. The scheme facilitates that more than half of the companies can have their construction costs covered if they transform their process energy from fossil energy to renewable energy. The funds of 3,65 billion are available until 2021. Currently, 850 million kroner have been granted to 420 companies.

Nearly 160 companies in North Jutland have been funded by the scheme, 10 of these companies are based in the Municipality of Frederikshavn. Originally, farmers used the scheme, however, the Danish Energy Agency experience that an increasing number of small and medium-sized enterprises apply for energy transition funding.

- The Municipality of Frederikshavn has a strong green profile and is on the path to being self-sufficient, by implementing a range of renewable energy efforts. Here the companies have the opportunity to get the funding for energy transition of the production processes. This will strengthen the environment, the green CSR image of the company as well as the baseline. We are ready to advice on the funding and ensure that the companies have optimized opportunities for green growth, states Lene Kappelborg, Business Consultant in Erhvervshus Nord.

In order to be considered in the application process, the company must replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources such as district heating. In addition they must implement energy efficient solutions wherever possible in their production process. The process targets recognize that the businesses have heavy and light processes.

All VAT registered companies in the industries of farming, production, trading – and service, who use energy for processes, will be included in the subsidy scheme, which only supports projects, that would not be completed without subsidies. and Erhvervshus Nord
Translated by Tanja Lund