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Four 3rd year students from HTX in Frederikshavn participate in the Danish Championship of Entrepreneurship with their solar cell driven charging station for mobile phones.

By by John Jensen, Nordjyske - translated by Tanja Lund, The Energy City, 2015.04.15

FREDERIKSHAVN: After a morning meeting with Mayor of Frederikshavn, Birgit S. Hansen, and Project Director of The Energy City, Poul Rask Nielsen, a team of four young innovation students from HTX Technical College came one step closer to live out their entrepreneurship dream. 

The 3rd year students at HTX in Frederikshavn, Johanne Juul Iversen, Mikkel Schmidt, Rasmus Frederiksen and Emma Frederiksen, visited the Confederation of Danish Industry in Copenhagen to be part of the Danish Championship of Entrepreneurship. They also met with Mayor Birgit Hansen and Energy City Project Director, Poul Rask Nielsen to present their entrepreneurship project. 

The innovation 
The students have developed a solar based mobile phone charging station. The station is able to recharge up to 100 mobile phones at a time and it can be used at festivals and similar events. The Mayor was evidently impressed and very supportive of the team and the idea. 

-As Mayor in a municipality with Energy as a specific growth track, it is a particularly great honor to see that students from EUC Nord have chosen to work with sustainable energy. Their project with a recharger via solar cells is both visionary and relevant. The creativity they display points to a bright future for development and entrepreneurship within sustainable energy, said Birgit Hansen at the meeting. 

The Energy City presents possibilities 
Project Director Poul Rask Nielsen was also very impressed by the students' idea and their focus on sustainable energy:  
-The Energy City Frederikshavn wants to support the development of the young entrepreneurs’ project.  First of all, we would like to exhibit the prototype of this locally developed and produced energy product at our future Energy Demonstratorium at the Knivholt Manor in Frederikshavn. So the placement of the mobile phone recharger will happen in an authentic environment, he says.

The four young entrepreneurs identify their market as the festivals around the country. 

- I estimate that there will be additional international market potential in Africa, for instance. I have seen that in Kenya all citizens have mobile phones, even in the remote villages, and there is a vast amount of free solar energy. In the newly established cooperation between the Energy City and the four young entrepreneurs, we have agreed to focus on financing, constructing, exhibiting and testing a full scale prototype in order to facilitate a commercialization of the product, says Project Director, Poul Rask Nielsen. 


Additional good news  
The Energy City adds the good news, that the Roblon Foundation has treated the application from the students quickly and with a positive outcome. The application for funding has been met and the students receive kr. 25.000, - for partial coverage of the expenses of establishing a demo model of the solar cell powered recharger for mobile phones.