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Skagen teaches Scots about district heating

Skagen teaches Scots about district heating. 

SKAGEN: The city of Skagen has talent within district heating and the Scots are known to be quite economical. Combining the efforts makes a powerful mix. 

A few days ago, Asian businessmen visited Skagen district heating station. Now, Operating Supervisor, Jan Diget, travels to Glasgow to teach the Scots about district heating. 

Along with The Danish Energy Agency and the Danish Trade Organization, DBHD, Jan Diget participates in the Danish export drive titled District Heating Planning. 

Three keynote speeches 
The Operating Supervisor from Skagen District Heating Station presents three keynote speeches. 

  • District heating is quite new in Scotland. Only two or three percent of the houses are heated by district heating. Most people use gas furnace, so there is a vast potential market. I will be presenting how we use the surplus production from the Fishing Industry (FF) and general waste to generate district heating. In addition, I will talk about how we motivate customers for district heating and how the socioeconomic structure is, says Jan Diget.

In October and November last year, he was in London on a similar mission.

A pat on the shoulder 
The overall goal of the conference is to increase Danish Export and know how. The Danish Energy Agency, the DBHD and the Energy City Frederikshavn are all involved in the export drive. 

  • We feel it as a pat on the shoulder that there is international attention to our energy solutions, says Project Director, Poul Rask Nielsen.