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Rental housing in Frederikshavn Municipality can have a quality lift

Private landlords can renovate with grants. The energy city Frederikshavn focuses on energy optimizing the homes in the municipality. Now it´s time to focus on rental properties where many people have a great need. Less consumption. Better energy label. Higher housing value. These are some of the benefits of an energy renovation of the home, and most people can relate to that. But how do you get started? How to apply for a grant? And what about the funding? Energibyen Frederikshavn can help you answer that, and right now we have an offer to private landlords. If you want to know more about the possibilities, you can:

“In many older houses, it is possible to make major improvements for indoor climate, heating bills and the environment. And we know from the age of the housing stock in Frederikshavn Municipality that the potential for gains is great. Therefore, we would like to contact the private landlords who can see the value of improving their rental properties for the benefit of the comfort of the home, the value of the home and the environment,” says Bahram Dehghan, chief consultant, Energy City Frederikshavn Municipality.

As a rule of thumb, the Homeowners' Knowledge Center uses the heating bill to assess whether it is a good idea to look into an energy renovation. If you have a house that was built before 1980, and you pay more than 15,000 annually for heating, or if you have a house built after 1980 and pay over 10,000 in heat, then it may be worthwhile to energy renovate. And what does it mean to energy renovate? You start by laying a plan.

“Check if the climate screen is up-to-date. That is, find out if the windows need whether the insulation in the outer walls is okay, whether the roof is good enough and so on. Look at whether the oil heater needs an exchanged to district heating or heat pump. You can get advice about this from the Energy City. We have a network of builders, who are ready to help with good offers. We know what grants the landlords can search for, how to obtain funding, and we show our way around rules and legislation,” says Bahram Dehghan.

As an inspiration for how to get started, you can:

1. Contact the local energy consultant (Supply's approved energy adviser Bo Bechfeldt, tel .: 51632930, offers free advice and makes an energy report showing among other things the property's energy consumption and the economic savings before and after the renovation.

2. Review the energy report with your tenants together with the counselor and plan your renovation project, and approve any. rent increase after renovation with the tenants

3. Get loan offers from your local bank and obtain two renovation offers from local craftsmen

4. Inform the municipal building authority about the renovation project and get started

5. Get a new (better) energy label for your property and update your property information with the municipal property data