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Numerous financial advisors focus on energy renovation

FREDERIKSHAVN:40 Financial Advisors in Spar Nord Bank join the training programme on enhancing energy renovation of private homes. 

Breakfast is served in the comfortable conference room as the rain is pouring down outside this September morning.  

Make sure your house is well equipped for the cold season
The Better Home Consultants tell us how they make sure private homes are well equipped in a sustainable way. The key is to have the right insulation, geothermal heating and a tailormade weather screen - wrapping your house like a well suited coat. 

Sharing sustainable energy terms
Terms such as weather screen and cavity wall insulation are explained. The Better Home Consultant shares the sustainable energy lingo with the financial advisors.They aim to share their knowledge with the bank customers.  Defective insulation can boost the heat expenses and it pays off to know the basics of district heating, heat pumps, solar cells, and ventilation systems. At the end of the session, the financial advisors feel well-informed. They can guide the customers on sustainable investments and loans for energy renovation of their private homes.  

Spotlight on private homes 
Torben Frydkjær from the Energihuset in Sæby illustrates a case study of a financial advisors private home. In this case, energy savings can come from installing new windows. The market value of the house will increase by 100,000 kroner as it gets a better energy rating.

Slippers and blankets for everyone
'It is certainly cheaper to warm up a dry house than a humid one and it's important to air the house three times a day', states Bo Bechfeldt, also a Better Home Consultant. The financial advisors ask about the qualifications and merits of Better Home Consultants - just to make sure that their customers are in capable hands.  

Torben ensures us that Better Home Consultants are qualified and trained to see signs of inappropriate energy conduct in private homes. For instance, slippers and blankets for all guests tell the truth about the temperature in the house. 'It is essential that we know which temperature is comfortable for the house owners, so we can guide them correctly. It can be quite beneficial to get the right indoor climate -healthwise and financially', states Torben.  

Our Better Home Consultant recommends that the Better Home Plan is included in a potential house sale. Potential buyers are increasingly concerned about the energy expences of a house. The plan presents a prioritized order of recommended energy renovation efforts, for the house owner to act upon - in cooperation with the bank.

Accelerating the value chain
'We need to join hands on energy renovation of private homes in Frederikshavn Municipality and we are all ambassadors for energy loans', stresses Bahram Dehghan, Project Manager of the Energy City. The financial advisors are well prepared to advise on energy loans and recommending professional Better Home Consultants and artisans. 

Coming up - citizen meetings hosted by the Energy City
Energy renovation of private homes is on the top of the agenda in Frederikshavn Municipality. The Energy City hosts 5 citizen meetings in October. The home owners are invited through the local papers, via direct mail and a tailor-made Energy Magazine. We look forward to knowledge sharing and good energy. 

Tanja Lund