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Norway ready for more danish energy companies

Over two hundred billion kroner is invested in industry and energy projects in Norway each year. The Norwegian growth opens new export adventures for the companies in Frederikshavn Municipality, says the Danish Embassy in Oslo, which today was visiting the Energy City Frederikshavn. The export opportunities in Norway looks promising. If you are not already part of the Norwegian market, then there is reason to consider it now, says export adviser Axel Christian Klafstad from The Danish Embassy in Oslo, who today was in North Jutland to give a status on the markets in Norway and present concrete export opportunities for local companies.

“Norway is one of the countries that look like Denmark the most, and at the same time Norway represents a market that is just outside the door. Therefore, Norwegian growth translates into growth in the companies that invest in visibility and presence in Norway. In addition, we must remember that despite the large focus on exports to China, the Nordic and Baltic countries import more than twice as many Danish products and services as the four billion inhabitants in Asia,” says Axel Christian Klafstad, export adviser, The Danish Embassy in Oslo.

More gives more

The embassy also has a new concept that will facilitate access to large projects in the Norwegian energy industry and industry, to the companies. Groups with small and medium-sized companies from different industries must be put together and develop partnerships and eg participate in supply together. Up to 2023, the Norwegian industry expects to launch projects for NOK 220 billion: The Norwegian Wind Energy Association estimates a need for up to 1,500 new wind turbines up to 2022. By 2020, a 100 MW production plant for hydrogen is built in Western Norway. Norway's largest salmon breeder builds the world's most modern salmon slaughterhouse, and in addition, several existing oil fields will be expanded. Overall, tasks, production and services that fit really well with the 150 energy companies in Frederikshavn Municipality:

“The Norwegian market can have a great impact on the companies in our local energy cluster in the future. In Norway, many of the energy companies are conglomerates, so the market has vacant space in the category of smaller companies that can respond quickly. And with a partner who can open the right doors, the companies are at the forefront of market development,” says Poul Rask Nielsen, project manager, Energy City Frederikshavn

Companies that are interested in hearing more about the Norwegian market and export - or who have questions, are welcome to contact Axel Christian Klafstad at