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NOENCO is ready to bring Frederikshavn to Norway

Niels Dal, Project Manager, NOENCO (Photo: NOENCO)

NOENCO is a newly established business with great ambitions to become an important player on the Norwegian market for energy optimization.

The business was established 1 May 2017 and offers energy counselling within shipping and fishing, industry, and agriculture. NOENCO has offices in Kristiansand, Norway and Skagen, Denmark, and even though it is a new business, they do not lack ambitions.

The business model centers on objectives for green transition defined by the Norwegian Ministry of Energy. NOENCO is a driving force for Norwegian businesses that wish to energy optimize, but NONECO also functions as a catalyzer for Danish companies, which offer products and services within energy optimization. NOENCO helps the customers identify what projects to focus on when energy optimizing and works with the customer during the process of completing an energy report and applying for energy subsidies related to green transition.

“The core of our business is to provide our customers with an end-to-end solution. Our job is not done when we complete the energy report; instead we help the customer get the most out of the potential energy reductions. Some projects can start right away, while others need mapping and identification through energy management. We can help with both procedures, which are eligible to subsidies,” explain Project Manager Niels Dal.

NOENCO’s focus on the Norwegian market is based on the expectation of a great market potential and an unexploited energy subsidy scheme on the Norwegian market. Niels Dal has worked in Norway for more than 10 years, why he has extensive market knowledge and a solid network. Niels is an engineer and comes from Skagen, Denmark, and it has been natural to establish a link between energy businesses in Northern Denmark and Norway.  

Poul Rask Nielsen, Project Manager, Energy City Frederikshavn sees a great potential in the new business and says,

“NOENCO works within a business area with great potential. I see some good synergies in combining the products and services our local businesses have to offer with the market potential in Norway. Many businesses in Frederikshavn Municipality has the right qualifications and experience, which can be exploited at the Norwegian market, and with NOENCO as the middleman I believe this can be a very interesting case – not only for NOENCO, but for other local businesses as well.”

Even though NOENCO is focusing on the Danish and Norwegian markets at first, the company has even greater ambitions,

“Right now our focus is on the Danish and Norwegian markets, but we have ambitions to be present in all of Scandinavia, and we are already in contact with customers throughout Europe. We are working within an area, where we really have a chance to change things in cooperation with our customers and business partners,” Niels Dal concludes. 

Maria N. Lundsgaard - 12. September 2017