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New wave energy station on its way in Sæby, Denmark

The establishment of a professional board in the wave energy company Crestwing will be decisive for the future of wave energy in Frederikshavn municipality. The project is based in Energy City Frederikshavn, and it has a wave energy station on the way and the perspective for new workplaces is getting better.


The station has been given the historic name ‘Tordenskiold’, which refers to the hero, who landed at the shore near Frederikshavn in 1704. The station is built in Sæby, and it is the second demonstration station in Frederikshavn municipality. The project has been based in Energy City Frederikshavn since 2008, and the Energy City will also be the secretariat for the new board.

“When we succeed in attracting the right business partners to Frederikshavn municipality, we do not only get new contacts, it also makes other businesses and interest groups look in our direction. We have been working on getting a breakthrough with the wave energy station for a while, and it fits perfectly with our goal on becoming independent on fossil fuels. Having said that there is a great potential for Crestwing in exploiting the energy resources in the ocean,” says Bahram Dehghan, Chief Consultant, Energy City Frederikshavn.


The station creates workplaces

Former Managing Director for Elsam, Peter Høstgård Jensen will be the Chairman of the Board. It is a great breakthrough for the project that it is able to attract people with the right qualifications and contacts. This will help implement and spread wave energy with starting point in the plant in Frederikshavn.

“The establishment of a Board is a great breakthrough for Crestwing as a business and for the development of wave energy station. Our goal is to create 100 new workplaces through the development of the station and through local production of wave energy stations. In addition to this, the cooperation between Crestwing and existing maritime businesses can create further growth in Frederikshavn municipality.” Says Ruth Bloom, Managing Director, Crestwing.

The plant Tordenskiold is a so called half scale station, and if everything works out as planned it will be launched in the fall 2017. The plant will work as a demonstration station for further development of wave energy. Crestwing and Energy City Frederikshavn are in the process of getting patent of the technologies used in the station. The business partners try as far as possible to work with local businesses for delivery of technological solutions. Environmentalist Henning Pilgaard invented the concept of Crestwing in the beginning of the 21st century.


Crestwing’s Board consists of the following memebers:

Chairman of the Board, Peter Høstgaard-Jensen

Board Members: Ruth Bloom, Peter Thomsen, Rune Pilgaard Bloom and Jørgen Graver Christensen


For futher information please contact:

Bahram Dehghan, Chief Consultant, Energy City Frederikshavn, +45 2058 5008

Peter Høstgård-Jensen, Chairman of the Board Crestwing, +45 4010 8871

Ruth Bloom, Managing Director, Crestwing, +45 2498 8056


Translated by Maria N. Lundsgaard

Anette Pedersen