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New investment in the Crestwing wave energy project

Photo: Crestwing

It has been a good week at Crestwing. The wave energy project has received a 500,000 DKK investment.  

Crestwing is in the final stages of preparing the half scale model Tordenskiold for launch. Tordenskiold is a wave energy station, which will be used for testing and further developing wave energy technology. The Crewstwing project has been set back due to financial struggles, why the new investment is great news.

“This investment brings back the optimism in Crestwing and makes it possible for us to continue our work with launching the half scale model. Unfortunately, we still need further capital, and even though we have a promise of additional 300,000 DKK, we still lack the final funds for the launch. The current investments are step ahead in the process and hopefully they will lead to further investments,” explains Director in Crestwing, Ruth Bloom.

The private investment is also good news in Energy City Frederikshavn. Bahram Dehghan, Chief Consultant, says,

“It is very good news that the work on preparing the launch can continue, which means that the launch itself is getting closer. There is a great growth potential in further developing the wave energy technology, which can become an important element in job creation and a fossil free future – both locally in Frederikshavn and at a global level.”

The Tordenskiold model is currently situated in a production workshop in Sæby south of Frederikshavn. Work is being done to make the station ready for launch, which is expected to happen in the spring 2018. However, this is depended on further financial support. 

Maria N. Lundsgaard - 18. October 2017