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New Danish tours network to widen opportunities for visitors


Every year, thousands of public and private international decision makers visit Denmark to be inspired by green Danish solutions. 10 national and regional visiting services have now strengthened their collaboration to widen the opportunities for the international guests.

Since 1980, the Danish economy has grown by more than 70%, while the energy consumption has remained the same. Denmark has demonstrated that it is possible to combine economic growth with increased amounts of renewable energy and subsequently reduce CO2 emissions and phase out fossil fuels.

Due to Denmark’s ambitious energy and environmental policy and the success in developing green solutions throughout the country, thousands of foreign visitors come to Denmark every year to find inspiration, and to see how the Danish experiences can be transferred to their countries of origin.

Strengthened collaboration between visiting services 
Now 10 national and regional visiting services, responsible for planning the many visits to Denmark, have agreed to enter into a networking collaboration to ensure better service of the green guests, but also provide the network with better opportunities for joint marketing, strategic work with delegations and the development of competences at the site visits.

The National Visiting Service State of Green has taken the initiative for cooperation. For many years, the public-private organisation has been a success of the State-Green Tours Visiting Service, but with the cooperation, local and regional work for professional decision makers will be strengthened.

-The purpose of the visiting services is to strengthen Danish exports of green technology solutions, and it is often unnecessary that people in different places in Denmark work in parallel rather than collaborate. The network will surely streamline visitor services for the benefit of all, says Gry Brostrøm, Senior Project Manager at State of Green, who has initiated the new collaboration.

- In Energy City Frederikshavn, we are happy to be part of the national visiting service network, which we believe is one way to create more jobs locally.We are able to give visitors a 1-1 insight into the global energy conversion. We can show how we work with energy planning, local job creation and specific case examples at our Center for Sustainable Development and in Frederikshavn Municipality, says Poul Rask Nielsen, Energy City Frederikshavn.

The new network is called Tours Network Denmark. The partners of the Tours Network are all experts within their respective areas and have close ties with local frontrunners across the green Danish landscape.

Together, the new network has developed a 'Tours Network Denmark' publication that describes the 10 partners behind the network. You may find the publication here.

State of Green