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My Energy City is on

A group of green enthusiasts is now launching a local climate effort. Behind the initiative is the Energy City. The purpose is to activate the entire Frederikshavn municipality.

“I feel that there is a great impatience to get started,” John Vognsen says about the project, My Energy City, in which the ambassadors will work for the green transition. In addition, the impatience was great as the group of twenty participants was set to kick-off.

“My Energy City couldn't have got a better start. Now we have a group of twenty committed citizens who represent great knowledge and lots of will. Together we change gear in the citizen-related activities. The green ambassadors will work with and find out which measures to put in place to get the attention of other citizens and to spread the word. We know it is infecting, and that is exactly the effect that can bring results in the green transition,” says Bahram Dehghan, chief consultant, Energy City Frederikshavn Municipality.

Participants come from all local areas, young and old, women and men, beginners and more experienced climate "fighters". The reason for participating is a desire to commit and take responsibility. Many have started on their own. From small steps - like gathering cans in the roadside so they do not harm nature - for big decisions. For example Henrik Jensen. He avoids flying.

"I participate because it is my intention that my grandchildren should also have a world to live in, so we must each do what we can," says Henrik Jensen. For him it is a natural part of everyday life, to think green in all contexts.

The energy city of Frederikshavn Municipality is the secretariat for My Energy City, and if you have ideas, wishes or suggestions for the newly appointed green ambassadors, you are welcome to contact the Energy City. The upcoming activities from My Energiby will be both with direct and indirect impact on the environment and sustainability. The participants agree that here the old adage applies, all brooks small, makes a great oath.

"I am already active in my local area in Lyngså, as the green ambassador, and I hope to be able to use my experience, but also to act as an intermediary, from citizens who find me with their good ideas that I can bring on. We can use each other's competences in My Energy City, there is both a need for small initiatives and for longer-term efforts,” says John Vognsen.

Alice Thaarup participates, "because everyone can make a difference": "We have a responsibility. Once we did not think so much about it, but now we have learned that we have to change course, and we can all participate in that. After all, we can look at our habits, and of course we can adjust them one step at a time,”says Alice Thaarup.

She hopes that the group can create such great impact that it can benefit the whole of Frederikshavn Municipality's green visibility: “There is much talk. We would like to act.”

John Vognsen agrees. “We have missed a community that can lift the effort and get more with. Now we have My Energy City, it's a start. Then we must see where we can bring it. "