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Masterplan for Renewable Energy 2030


The vision of the "Master plan for renewable energy in 2030" is that the entire community must be passed to renewable energy by 2030. The master plan includes feasible action plans that describe how Frederikshavn Municipality will realize their goals in a socio-economical sustainable manner.

The master plan includes skills development and employment opportunities by developing marketable, producing and exporting renewable energy technologies. Holistic sustainable energy solutions and expertise on green energy management takes us from fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, to renewable energy products in demand on the international energy market.

The current crisis in Ukraine exhibits Europe's vulnerability to the supply of gas, and the demand for energy increases in the coming years. When Germany starts the shutdown of nuclear power plants, the production of renewable energy on a large scale is highly relevant.


Read the Masterplan here: master_plan_for_renewable_energy_2030_engelsk_skaermversion.pdf