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Gemidan in Frederikshavn turns foodwaste into biogas

A new waste facility in Frederikshavn is preparing food waste to be recycled as biogas and fertilizer. At one end of the private owner Gemidan’s new wastefacility, the garbage trucks unload the collected food waste. At the opposite end, the so-called pulp comes out. The pulp is delivered to a biogas plant where the energy is extracted and converted into biogas. The residual product ends up as fertilizer in Danish agriculture.

At present four municipalities in northern Jutland, Morsø, Thisted, Frederikshavn and Hjørring, are sorting household waste. Food and other organic waste is separated in a container and are delivered to the Gemidan plant in Frederikshavn.

By the end of 2022 all Danish municipalities must collect food waste from the citizens so that it can be recycled.