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A French television crew visited Energy City

A national French radio and TV station visited Energy City Frederikshavn to learn about renewable energy solutions - and shale gas.


Denmark and especially Frederikshavn is a good example when it comes to renewable energy.

- At the same time we have noticed that Frederikshavn Municipality has given the French company Total permission to investigate in shale gas. It's a contradiction and a paradox, says Igor Strauss during the visit to Frederikshavn. Igor Strauss is a journalist at France National, a national French radio and television station.
In France - hydraulic fracturing known as fracking for shale gas - is prohibited.

At the same time, there is a growing opposition to the French nuclear power plants that supply the majority of the French energy supply. Therefore they are interested in alternative energy sources to replace fossil fuels like those in Frederikshavn Municipality.

We can see that there is great potential in renewable energy solutions - and that there are jobs in the field of green energy. On this field Denmark is far ahead, says Igor Strauss.


Sæby Strand - award-winning low-energy homes

The French radio and television crew visited Sæby Strand, Frederikshavn Housing Association's award-winning low-energy homes between Sæby and Frederikshavn. The sun was shining and although the temperature was close to freezing, the Sæby Strand PV system produced more energy than the residents themselves could consume. Each of the modern apartments have a 'Smiley System' which purpose is to make it easier for the residents to acknowledge their consumption of heat, water and electricity. A happy smiley means that the consumption fits the apartment and if the smiley is not happy the residents know that the energy consumption is too high.


Frederikshavn City Hall, Swimming Pool and Biogas

The television crew from France also visited Frederikshavn City Hall and the municipal swimming pool, which is well advanced in the field of green energy.

They visited Ole Rugholms farm near the village Gærum which converts manure into heat and power. On Hørby heating district they learned how the surplus heat from straw-fired is forwarded to Østervrå and Thorshøj through a new transmission system, and at last they visited the new charging station for gas buses in Frederikshavn.

The French Tv station interviewed both Mayor Birgit S. Hansen and the Chief Executive of the municipality Mikael Jentsch.
The spots will be published later this year on the website Politiques Énergétigues.