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Frederikshavn offers electric cars for tourists

New charging infrastructure makes it possible to be an environmental friendly tourist in Frederikshavn Municipality. Thursday 1. June Frederikshavn Municipality inaugurated two new charge points for electric cars at Port of Frederikshavn and at Grenen in Skagen. At the same time, a shared electric car project aimed at tourists from Stena Line’s ferries was launched.

From Thursday 1. June new facilities for charging electric cars has been ready for use in Frederikshavn Municipality and two electric cars are available for renting. They are intended for tourist, who can rent them on a daily basis and use them to get around the area. All citizens are of course also welcome to rent the cars.

Energy City Frederikshavn has initiated the project,

“It is a dream come true for us to be able to offer our tourist an ecofriendly manner of transportation, which is both easy to use and good for the environment. The new charge points at Port of Frederikshavn and at Grenen is the latest step in further developing green transportation in the municipality. The tourist now have the option to travel in a sustainable way, and we get one step closer to reaching our goals as energy city”, explains Bahram Dehghan, Chief Consultant, Energy City Frederikshavn.

The new initiative with shared electric cars runs for a trial period from June through August 2017 and is a collaboration between Port of Frederikshavn, Stena Line, the tourist organization Turisthus Nord, the shared car company TADAA! and Energy City Frederikshavn.

Part of the project is the establishment of charge points at Grenen in Skagen and at Port of Frederikshavn. It gives tourists in the area the option to get around in an ecofriendly way and increases environmental friendly mobility in the area.

The project partners have all made a big effort in realizing the project. Especially, Port of Frederikshavn has contributed as part of its effort to be one of Denmark’s most sustainable ports. Also, the tourist organization Turisthus Nord, are pleased to offer climate conscious tourists a new way of transportation,

“The new electric cars and charge points are an incredible service to our guests, and it generates a positive image, as more and more wish to travel in a conscious manner. We are happy that Stena Line is part of this projects as well, and it will create more flexibility for our Swedish and Norwegian one-day guests travelling without car”, says Rene Zeeberg, Head of Turisthus Nord.

The shared electric car service TADAA!, who is also partner in the project, look forward to working with the new segment of tourists in Frederikshavn Municipality.

“We believe that less people will own their car in the future, instead they will use different types of transportation fitted to the specific need they have. That is where shared electric cars get in the picture, and we look forward to offering tourist the opportunity to see all the great tourist attractions in the area while driving and environmental friendly car”, says Signe Hollensen, Marketing and Event Manager, TADAA!


Bahram Dehghan, Chief Consultant, 

Maria N Lundsgaard