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Frederikshavn gets the world’s first recycling yard

The world’s first custom-built recycling yard has been inaugurated at Frederikshavn Harbor. The yard is built by the American company Modern American Recycling Services and is to recover ships and offshore platforms. M.A.R.S is one of the world’s largest recycling companies.

“I am pleased that the Danish Government and the Municipality of Frederikshavn support this unique project. M.A.R.S. is one of the world’s leaders in sustainable recycling, while Denmark and the Port of Frederikshavn have great ambitions in the circular economy, so it is a perfect match. We are very excited to be using the site and could offer a green and sustainable alternative here in Europe to the way things are going in other parts of the world, “says Kim Thygesen, general manager at M.A.R.S. Europe, in a press release.

The yard will begin its recycling activities in October 2019 and expects to recycle 200,000 tonnes of processed steel per year. The yard consists of a 290,000 m2 recycling area, a wastewater treatment plant with two 2,500 m3 collection tanks to purify rainwater, a ship ramp for retrieving ships up to 294 meters in length and an area where offshore installations of up to 50,000 tons can be taken ashore.

General Manager at M.A.R.S. Europe, Kim Thygesen, expects the yard to fully employ 200 people.