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Energycity Frederikshavn in world climate front

Together with the most climate-ambitious cities in the world, Frederikshavn Municipality participates the DK2020 project - the forefront of the development of next generation climate action plans. The goal is to collect the best solutions from Frederikshavn, Denmark and the rest of the world so that global climate carries out after "best practice"

Climate changes are among the world’s greatest challenges today, and it is vital that the world stands together and act now. This states the justification for establishing the project DK2020, which the association Realdania is behind and where Frederikshavn Municipality participates. With help from the green think tank, Concito, and the international city network, C40, the DK2020 participants must follow the footsteps of some of the biggest cities in the world and take the lead in the fight against climate challenges. In the course of next year, climate planning must be launched with an ambition level that meets the objective of the Paris agreement, ie. The historic agreement, which is obliged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

"We are very proud because we have chosen to participate in a project like this one. For Frederikshavn municipality has something to contribute. For us, we are able to spread and share the experiences, and the knowhow we have already built, with other Danish municipalities and with the rest of the world. We are good at practical green conversion; one can look at the solutions in the local area. We have the opportunity to show that our ambition and will to take the next demanding steps in climate action is present and through cooperation, learn new methods that we can get to the municipality for the benefit of all of us, "says Birgit S. Hansen, Mayor, Municipality of Frederikshavn. 

Through DK2020, the best climate solutions from Frederikshavn Municipality and from Denmark spreads to the whole world, and the best from the rest of the world will inspire climate planning in Denmark. The aim is to contribute to the development of action-oriented climate plans that define how the participating municipalities achieve the best climate results.

"Joining DK2020 we can push for climate action at the municipal level. At the same time we have the opportunity to cooperate and share experiences with not only other Danish municipalities, but with the most ambitious cities around the world when it comes to climate action, namely the C40 network, New York, London, Paris, Dubai and so on, representing 650 million people. We will be part of a community of international climate entrepreneurs, where we can share experiences and mutual inspiration to make climate changes, says Bahram Dehghan, Chief Consultant, Energy City Frederikshavn Municipality.