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Energy cluster Frederikshavn: 150 companies in the green market

In the climate municipality of Frederikshavn, more than 150 companies work to produce green goods or services. This shows a new mapping of the companies in the municipality that the Energy City has made

The green accounts will soon mean as much as the black and red numbers when companies have to settle for how good it is. The turnover of green goods and services is increasing nationwide. It is also in Frederikshavn Municipality. More than 150 companies are now working with or have production aimed at the energy sector.

“In the long term, even more companies in Frederikshavn Municipality will have to adjust to the fact that this is the way they should go. But we are very pleased that 150 have already shown timely care and found or are working to find the niche that is for them in the green transition,” says Poul Rask Nielsen, project manager in the Energy City.

The 150 companies that are currently appearing on the list are very different, ranging from energy consulting over production to the glass master, who knows all about new energy windows. Common to the companies is that they provide jobs that help to save resources such as energy, water and the like or that there is direct protection of the environment.

“It can be crucial for the future opportunities in the export market that one as a company increases its focus on the green transition. This is what is being sought, and this is where the future gains lie both for the growth of the company, in the municipality and for the overall goal of cutting CO2 emissions,”says Poul Rask Nielsen.

Victor DST did it

One of the companies that has found new energy in the green transition and who is on the list is Victor DST. A few years ago, most customers came from the maritime and offshore industries, but as the oil price fell, Victor DST had to find a new market:

"The crisis almost came from one day to the next, so we had to change our minds. We looked at how our knowledge would be useful in other markets, and we quickly got a foothold on land through energy projects. It is basically the same components and competencies that are involved, they are just thought into a new context,” says Ole Nygaard, CEO, Victor DST.

The company currently produces heat pumps for district heating and works with environmentally sound waste incineration, services with ever-increasing demand. It pays to lean into the green transition:

“You can of course use it in marketing, that you are involved in green projects and that you make a difference to the environment. You can also get more customers from it. Of course we cannot measure it, but we get more inquiries, and we think that is because we have the green visibility,” says Ole Nygaard.

More on the way

The list of the 150 companies will be green visibility for the entire municipality of Frederikshavn. The energy city uses it to create collaborations, networks and it is in practice every time the Energy City Frederikshavn participates in the international network State of Green, which eg. the Danish Energy Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Climate and Energy and Danish Energy runs. Several companies have found new export opportunities by due to the Energy City. The Energy City is ready to provide more advice to the business community about the green transition to prevent companies from vulnerability to failing markets.

“We hope that more people can see the utility value. Every time we get a company on the list here in Frederikshavn Municipality, we are helping to take our share of the responsibility for solving the climate challenges. But we are also in the process of finding the jobs of the future and securing them locally,” says Poul Rask Nielsen.