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Energy City Frederikshavn travels the world in 90 minutes

Twelve business cards with contacts from Danish embassies around the world are ready for follow up.

After visiting State of Green Tuesday 13. June, there are plenty of opportunities to follow up on for Energy City Frederikshavn. The purpose of the meeting was to meet with representatives some Danish embassies from around the world and introduce them to energy related cooperation opportunities in Frederikshavn Municipality.

“The first thing I did on my way home from the meeting was to call two of our local businesses. I asked them to get in touch with the Danish Embassy in USA, because these two businesses have products and services requested on the American market for energy solutions. It is extremely positive to have some specific demands for products from our local businesses”, says Poul Rask Nielsen, Project Director, Energy City Frederikshavn.

The overall purpose of the meetings was to make the representatives from the Danish embassies aware of the possibilities, qualifications, products and services within energy in Frederikshavn Municipality.

The most discussed topics at the meetings were use of industrial surplus heat for district heating, energy renovation, energy planning and implementation, and project management. Energy City Frederikshavn has a list of contacts at the Danish embassies, which local businesses within the energy business are welcome to get.

The meetings with the embassies and the cooperation with State of Green is expected to result specific request for energy related products and services. It is also expected to generate an increase in visits from foreign delegations to Frederikshavn Municipality and more request for Energy City Frederikshavn’s participation at energy export drives and at energy conventions arranged by the individual embassies. 

Maria N. Lundsgaard