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Energy City Frederikshavn shares its experiences on energy mortgages in Sweden

Photo: Linnæus Universitet

Last week Energy City Frederikshavn was invited to Linnæus University, Sweden, to take part in a workshop about research on organization and financing of energy refurbishment.

Bahram Dehghan, Chief Consultant, presented Energy City Frederikshavn’s work on organizing key actors and developing financial models aimed at motivating citizens to energy refurbishment. Energy City Frederikshavn has focused a lot on working with informing and motivating citizens to carry out energy refurbishments, because it is an essential part of reaching Frederikshavn Municipality’s goal of becoming 100% fossil free in 2030.

“Energy City Frederikshavn’s work with developing energy mortgages and motivation of citizens has turned out to be of great interest among players within the field energy refurbishment, as it is difficult to get the citizens to take action. Presenting our work at this seminar and taking part in the workshop is important in order for all of us to improve our efforts in motivating citizens to take part in the green transition and by that creating a more sustainable future and growth.”

Energy mortgage is a cooperation between banks and financial institutions, who educate their employees as energy lenders. They can advise and guide customers about energy renovation when they are applying for a mortgage for reconstruction or renovations. At the same time, the customers have the opportunity to have mortgages at favorable prices.

The participants at the seminar and workshop where from all of Scandinavia and included students, scientists, public servants and others with a special interest in sustainable energy refurbishment.

“Presenting at a seminar and taking part in a workshop like this is incredibly important for us in Energy City Frederikshavn. Not only, do we present our own results, but we also get new national and international contacts and prospects for cooperation. The knowledge we bring back home can be used in our local area to benefit both the citizens and local businesses and help them through the green transition,” concludes Bahram Dehghan. 

Maria N. Lundsgaard - 10. october 2017