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Energy City Frederikshavn presents its work at CPH Climate Solutions

Photo: Bahram Dehghan, Chief Consultant, Energy City Frederikshavn

This week Energy City Frederikshavn presented its experiences on energy efficient retrofitting at a workshop on Green Finance. The workshop was part of the conference CPH Climate Solutions hosted by Copenhagen Municipality. The participants at the workshop were actors from across Europe within the fields of climate, energy and finance. The workshop was focused on financial challenges, opportunities and best practice for city solutions.

“We are happy that Copenhagen Municipality invited us to share our knowledge on retrofitting and our ‘Frederikshavn Model’, which is used multiple places across Europe. Private financing models are essential if we are to make cities more energy efficient,” explains Bahram Dehghan, Chief Consultant, Energy City Frederikshavn.

The ‘Frederikshavn Model’ is a business model developed to increase energy efficient retrofitting. The model includes cooperation with banks, craftsmen, real estate agents and energy consultants in order to motivate home owners to carry out retrofitting. At the workshop, the participants were very interested in and impressed by the model and the way Energy City Frederikshavn has mobilized local citizens. Especially, Energy City Frederikshavn’s mobile office and the initiative to meet the citizens in their local area received credit from the participants.

Copenhagen Municipality wish to receive further information about energy efficient retrofitting, why Energy City Frederikshavn will take part in a dialogue meeting in October. 

Maria N. Lundsgaard - 30. august 2017