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Energy City Frederikshavn and Jyske Bank present energy mortgages

The collaboration between Energy City Frederikshavn and local bank branches continuous to attract interest at both national and international level.

Last week, Bahram Dehghan from Energy City Frederikshavn and Jyske Bank’s Branch Manager Henrik Christensen were invited to Copenhagen to present the collaboration with the financial sector on developing mortgages for energy refurbishment in private properties. The development of financial models has gained great interest among others, who wish to increase the motivation for energy refurbishment.

The European Commission, Danish Energy Saving Council and the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative hosted a workshop on financing of energy efficiency in Denmark. The aim of the workshop was to promote the cooperation between public and private partners. Participants at the workshop came from national and international businesses and organisations.

“In Energy City Frederikshavn we have come a long way in developing energy mortgages in cooperation with local bank branches. We have made a great concept, which both helps the citizens and help generate business to the banks. I am happy that Henrik Christensen and I get the opportunity to share our experiences, so that others can develop the concept further and make use of it in their local areas,” says Bahram Dehghan, Chief Consultant in Energy City Frederikshavn.

Creating local growth

Energy mortgage is a cooperation between banks and financial institutions, who educate their employees as energy lenders. They can advise and guide customers about energy renovation when they are applying for a mortgage for reconstruction or renovations. At the same time, the customers have the opportunity to have mortgages at favourable prices.

“In Energy City Frederikshavn’s work on transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2030, we highly depend on local actors. Energy mortgages is a great example of this, where we have organised key actors and developed financial models in order to increase the citizens motivation to carry out energy refurbishment. In this way, we are moving closer towards our goal, and we work with local businesses, who can take part on the local, green development and transition,” concludes Bahram Dehghan. 

Maria N. Lundsgaard - 21. November 2017