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Energicity Frederikshavn is leading city in EU-project

Restructuring the European energy supply is urgent. Experts, politicians and consumers agree on that. Even though the EU has just published an ambitious climate plan, it is still an open question how exactly it’s been done. An EU project, which began in 2018, has four years to bid on green transition opportunities in 27 cities across Europe. Today are representatives from 11 million Europeans gathered in Frederikshavn to discuss the preliminary results. One thing is for sure, there is support for action, and the guests in Frederikshavn will see how energy optimization in one of the countries that are far ahead tackles the green transition:

“On the energy supply area, Frederikshavn is one of the more far-sighted municipalities that realize the ambitious energy and climate plans. For the rest of us, it is very inspiring to find out how to tackle it when the climate imprint is to be reduced in a city or municipality, ”says Vedran Horvat, managing director of the Institute for Political Ecology in Croatia and one of mPower's participants , as the EU project is called.

“The project is about learning from each other, and of course we are happy that other cities have chosen us as the leading city and will come to us. In the Energy City of Frederikshavn has our focus since 2007 been to optimize the entire municipality, and at local level it is the municipalities that, with the right conditions, hold the key to the green transition. We like to share our experiences, both as an authority and through our close contact with companies and citizens. And of course we would like to learn new ingredients for the recipe for a successful transition from the other partners,” says Bahram Dehghan, chief consultant, Energy City Frederikshavn. The meeting in Frederikshavn bring the participating European cities closer to achieve the EU's climate targets for 2050. The guests expect to see, hear and experience closely what initiatives works in Frederikshavn Municipality, which also have a Democratic aims for the benefit of citizens, for example, surplus heat such as district heating, biogas buses and energy renovation of both the municipal and private housing stock. “We are in Frederikshavn to learn more about energy efficiency, and what role the green transition plays in the future development of the municipality. In addition, we look forward to hear more about how the citizens of the municipality get involved in the work on energy optimization,” says Vedran Horvat.