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Electric bicycles makes a difference for local commute

Testing electric bicycles makes a difference for the local commute according to citizens who have borrowed and tested an electric bicycle for transportation in their everyday life.

A small electric motor that helps when riding a bike can change the habits of drivers. That is according to an experiment currently conducted by the Energycity of Frederikshavn, which aims to get more people to replace the car with the bicycle for smaller trips in the immediate area. The Energycity of Frederikshavn lends electric bicycles to interested citizens who are considering whether it could be an alternative to daily transport. More exercise, climate considerations and better economy convince them to replace the car with an electric bicycle for transport in the local area. There are big CO2 savings to gain if commuters replace cars with the electric bicycle for commuting and small trips. Studies show that the majority of all trips between 5 and 11 kilometers are by car. Energycity of Frederikshavn counted the figures. If all drivers in Frederikshavn Municipality cycle just once a year, instead of taking the car on a five-kilometer trip, it saves 13 tons of CO2. If drivers take the bike once a week, it is 676 tonnes of CO2 per year. This saving would the citizens like to help increase. Approximately half the borrowers says they either bought or want to buy an electric bicycle for commuting and transport to and from jobs. The Energycity of Frederikshavn will evaluate the project at the end of 2020.