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Infinite Solutions

The Energy City participates in the EU-project Infinite Solutions to facilitate loans for sustainable energy activities.

Infinite Solutions is an EU-promotion and dissemination project for the exchange of experience and development of financing models. The main purpose is to increase energy renovations in private homes. 

- In Frederikshavn, we insist on practical renewable energy solutions. We believe that, sustainable energy solutions need to be supported by financial solutions, says project manager Bahram Dehghan from The Energy City. 

Through the Infinite Solutions cooperation, our purpose is to develop and share our experiences on the topic "Practical financing models" for energy renovation.
- About 40% of the total energy consumption in Denmark is consumed by homes and buildings. Therefore, we rely heavily on optimizing energy consumption in existing homes and buildings. We believe that energy conservation is the most accessible effort, that reduces the environmental impact and creates local jobs immediately, Bahram Dehghan says. 

The Energy City is working within these 4 areas:

  • Mapping of existing financial possibilities
  • Energy Counseling for private homeowners 
  • Demonstration Site for energy renovation
  • Communication

The challenge is to create practicable and differentiated financing models tailored to the individual target groups. The financial crisis and its aftermath made it difficult for many people to get funds for the renovation of buildings. In addition, the Energy City will prepare a communication plan for the Infinite Solution project. 

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