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In November 2006 a number of leading Danish energy experts were gathered at Energy Camp 06, where they designated Frederikshavn as Denmark’s energy city. The experts emphasised the area’s special qualities, namely that Frederikshavn:

  • is a self-contained city with its own regional catchment area;
  • is of a size that allows for testing energy-industrial solutions;
  • has the right location near agricultural and port areas, where many technologies can be involved;
  • already has plants for electricity and heat production, which is a good starting point;
  • already has an offshore wind farm research project
  • has great willingness and not least the drive to carry out ambitious plans

100% renewable energy by 2015

Frederikshavn City Council adopted the energy experts’ idea and decided in the spring that Frederikshavn City, Strandby and Elling will use 100% renewable energy for electricity, heat and transport. The unique characteristic of Energy City Frederikshavn is that it is not dependent on a single technology or particular field of activity, but is rather developing a coherent renewable energy system. Frederikshavn will be among the first “fossil cities” in the modern world to switch over to an exclusively renewable energy supply.

Model city

Frederikshavn will be a “demonstratorium” where Denmark’s leading energy technology will be developed, tested and demonstrated in full-scale. Energy City Frederikshavn will be an exhibition area for Danish energy technology to show that the right combination of energy technologies can supply the world’s cities with exclusively renewable energy.

The goal of the government’s new energy plan is to double, or more, the share of renewable energy in Denmark by 2025. As a model city, Frederikshavn can play a decisive role in attaining that ambition.

Five advantages

Energy City Frederikshavn offers advantages in five areas:

Environment – improved climate development; no use of fossil resources
Business – new enterprises in the energy sector
Residence – an attractive city to live in and visit
Education – cooperation with universities and technical institutes
Image – Frederikshavn to be known as a green city.

This vision will require investments in the billions. Public and private companies must invest in new production and green technologies. The investments must be financially independant. This also means that the vision must be realised with respect to market conditions.