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The Vision

Frederikshavn Municipality has a vision of becoming independent of fossil fuels. In 2015, the French film production company HKS Productions, produced the 5 films in Frederikshavn Municipality. They illustrate the sustainable energy efforts initiated locally.

The vision is a 100% renewable energy supply and optimum energy consumption in Frederikshavn Municipality by year 2030.


Frederikshavn Municipality goes all in

This video shows how the Municipality of Frederikshavn goes all in on renewable energy by 2030. The Mission includes a variety of renewable energy sources and the investments will create thousands of local jobs 


Biogas and pigfarming

At the local farm 'Blakshøjgaard' in Frederikshavn Municipality, the farmer produces biogas from the manure from the animals.

Green gas busses

Learn more about the public green gasbus in Frederikshavn. The Gas supplies energy to local citybusses and the regional route to Aalborg. In 2016, the garbage trucks go green on biogas as well.

Sæby District Heating Plant gets the energy from solar panels

See how district heating is produced, stored and distributed.  

Renewable energy supplies Sæby housing association

See how award winner housing project in Sæby gets heat and electricity from solar cells.  


Denmarks first regional gas-driven busroute 

The video shows how public transport goes green in Frederikshavn. Follow the first stages of the project. The gas bus is the fruit of years of valuable cooperation between; Frederikshavn Municipality, Aalborg Municipality, Region North Jutland, the transport asuthoruíty of North Jutland, HMN Natural gas and train company Arriva.

The project has 3 phases and it is entering phase 3.

Phase 1 is establishing Denmarks first regional bus route on biogas, the route between Frederikshavn and Aalborg. In addition, the 2 biogas tank stations are installed.

Phase 2 the city busses transform to biogas. 


Phase 3 illustrates the garbage trucks transformation to biogas fuel in Aalborg Municipality and Frederikshavn Municipality.

Free energy councelling

Learn more about the formation of the Energy City. The videoen also features Energy Councellor, Bo Bechfeldt from Frederikshavn Forsyning, who gives free energy councelling to the home owners in Frederikshavn Municipality.

Many citizens have gladly taken the offer already. According to these citizens, the energy advice has improved their comfort, indoor climate and energy consumption. 

Better Home and energy renovation

This video features John, citizen in Frederikshavn. It was easy for him to focus on renewable energy solutions when renovating his home. Now he has a modern house with a valuable indoor climate.


The bank supported his idea of a renovation and the suggestions from the Energy Advisor. In addition, the annual savings on lower energy consumption, is an added benefit. 

Energy Smileys and green behaviour 

Frederikshavn housing association has new housing with smiley panels in Sæby. The panel illustrates the daily consumption in a comprehensible way. 

Crestwing wave energy

This video tells the story of Crestwing, a wave energy-project set in the waters near Frederikshavn Port.