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EU Covenant of Mayors

In 2007 the EU started up an initiative of the Covenant, as a tool for European cities, who wanted to take the lead on climate change. The Covenant inspires the cities to make a specific effort to reduce CO2-emissions with an amount above the EU target of 20% CO2 reduction by 2020. Cities must submit an action plan for reductions within a year of their accession and regularly submit detailed rapports of realized actions. In addition, cities must assist to communicate the idea of Covenant of Mayors at an annual Conference of Mayors and contribute to the sharing of experiences and exchange of know-how with the other signatories of the Covenant of Mayors.

Upon accession Frederikshavn Municipality committed to the following:

  • To achieve higher goals than those set by the EU climate targets for 2020 to reduce CO2- emissions in accordance with the agreement guidelines for reducing CO2-emissions by at least 20%
  • To submit an action plan for promoting sustainable energy for evaluation, monitoring and control within one year after the above entry date
  • To organize Energy Days in cooperation with the European Commission and other interested parties, to enable people to benefit directly from the opportunities and benefits that more intelligent use of energy offers. And to regularly inform the local media on the progress of the Action Plan
  • To participate in and contribute to the annual EU Conference of Mayors

The action plan is Frederikshavn Municipality’s roadmap for EU Commission’s Covenant of Mayors. Preparation of the Action Plan is carried out in full compliance with EU Commission guidelines for CO2 mapping and action planning.

Action Plan for EU Covenant of Mayors