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Demonstration Site for energy renovation

Knivholt is a manor in the city of Frederikshavn. 70,000 people visit the site annually. It is an economic challenge for the manager of Knivholt to heat up the manor, which is why the manager has installed various renewable energy solutions. 

These renewable energy solutions are used as a demonstration site, promoting investment in energy solutions.
Visitors can get inspiration on:

  • Establishment of a physical and a virtual show room known as “Energy Trail Knivholt” (go, observe, learn & get inspired)
  • Information boards on the “Energy Trail”
  • Establishing contact to local clean tech businesses and energy advisors

At the moment the 'Demonstration Site' contains: solar cells, a lake heat pump, a geothermal heat pump and a special form of insulation for the building. In addition, a couple of household wind turbines supply the maonr with renewable energy.