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Biogas for transport

A strong cooperation between Frederikshavn Municipality, the North Jutland Region, Aalborg Municipality, North Jutland Transport (NT) and HMN Natural Gas, has initiated a study which locates the feasibility of introducing biogas for transport Jutland.

The study is divided into two stages. The first stage is about locating different routes and vehicles' ability til transfer into biogas, as well as the bus connection between Frederikshavn and Aalborg. The next stage is to involve buses in Aalborg and parts of the municipal vehicle fleets in both Frederikshavn and Aalborg.

In a larger perspective, this might be the beginning of the establishment of a biogas tank station. The partners are currently examining the opportunity to place a Gas-tankstation in Aalborg and one in Frederikshavn, which can assist in establishing a coherent infrastructure to green transport i North Jutland.

Biogas produced in North Jutland 

This initiative arose after another project that Energy City Frederikshavn is involved in. The project includes the construction of a large biogas plant where waste products from agriculture, food industry, and in the long run household waste, are transfered into biogas, that can be used in the transport sector.