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The partnership agreement between Frederikshavn Municipality and parts of a greater food cluster is signed - we now experience the first initiative to create green growth. 

This partnership is very interesting for the local community due to the focus on creating green growth of livestock manure to biogas. Manure delivered by an increased number of pigs with the purpose to secure jobs at the local slaughterhouse. 

Frederikshavn Municipality has accepted the proposal from LandboNord to establish a biogas plant east of Østervrå. LandboNord – the local farmers' association - estimates that a new biogas plant will create up to ten permanent jobs in the area. 

- It is necessary to be progressive in our business development. We want to contribute to realise the visions of Frederikshavn Municipality to have jobs in the energy sector. It benefits all of us, says Chairman of the board in LandboNord, Niels Vestergaard Salling 

The application is the first specific initiative based on the partnership agreement, which was signed by Danish Crown, NNF Nordjylland, LandboNord and Frederikshavn Municipality, in December last year. 

- As a municipality we can only set goals and visions to lead the way. Therefore we are very positive towards the proposal from LandboNord, which support both our active energy policy agenda and our specific focus on increasing local employment, says Anders Brandt Sørensen (soc.dem), Chairman of the Political Plan and Environment Committee in Frederikshavn Municipality. 

Along with the administration, Anders Brandt is in the process of assessing the environmental impact of the biogas plant and initiating a public dialogue on the project. Eventually the biogas plant is expected to produce biogas for local busses and a gas tankstation.


  • The biogas plant is expected to be a medium-sized biogas plant with approx. 300,000 tons of biomass per year - mostly manure from agriculture, energy crops and organic residues
  • The biogas plant is expected to provide up to 10 permanent local jobs
  • The biogas plant will produce 9-12 million m3 of methane gas after upgrading
  • Gas must include busses and a public gas-tankstation, according to the Energy City Frederikshavn vision