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FREDERIKSHAVN: The Danish Energy Agency has nearly three billion Danish kroner just waiting to be granted in aid to companies, who wish a transition from fossil to renewable energy in their production processes.

Peter Madsen lives in the area 'Kilden' in Frederikshavn. He has gradually energy renovated his home from 1973. 

IZMIR: Professor Eckart Würzner, President of Energy Cities and Mayor of Heidelberg, Germany, second to the right in the photo, payed great attention to the sessions conducted by Bahram Dehghan. 

The Energy City has modernised a personnel carrier - it is transformed into a mobile Energy Van. The road map is the Municipality of Frederikshavn, as the Energy city is determined to engage in dialogue with private homeowners.


Frederikshavn Housing Association has commenced an ambitious renovation, focusing on 3 areas:


If Denmark is to meet the demands of the prospective EU Climate Conditions for the transport industry, the registration toll needs to change today. The Climate Council aims for 1 million e-cars in Denmark in 2030.


New calculation highlights that Frederikshavn Municipality succeeds in reducing the CO2 emission. The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions with 3 % a year.

FREDERIKSHAVN:40 Financial Advisors in Spar Nord Bank join the training programme on enhancing energy renovation of private homes.

In December 2014 Frederikshavn City Council unanimously adopted Frederikshavn Municipality's master plan for 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Four 3rd year students from HTX in Frederikshavn participate in the Danish Championship of Entrepreneurship with their solar cell driven charging station for mobile phones.

Skagen teaches Scots about district heating. 

A national French radio and TV station visited Energy City Frederikshavn to learn about renewable energy solutions - and shale gas.

Ambassadors are looking at energy solutions in Skagen.

In the business plan, you can read about the background and objectives for the project. In addition, you get an overview of the organization and the activities to be undertaken the following years.