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A film crew from China is currently filming in Frederikshavn. Due to Covid19, the Chinese do not have the opportunity to travel to Denmark. Instead, they now get solutions and inspiration for green conversion - on film.

A new partnership has seen the light of day. Energycity Frederikshavn enters a collaboration with the umbrella organization Green Hub Denmark to attract investments and create sustainable growth in Frederikshavn Municipality.

Testing electric bicycles makes a difference for the local commute according to citizens who have borrowed and tested an electric bicycle for transportation in their everyday life.

Timely care and a clear understanding of the company's business potential helped VICTOR get the full potential through the transformation from black to green energy supplier.

Nuuk is a growing Capital and it’s demand for housing is high. Nordisk Elementbyg, a small construction company from Northern Jutland, participates in the Greenlandic boom with sustainable wooden houses - set up in record time.

The wave plant prototype Tordenskiold is back in the North Sea. For the second time Crestwing, the company behind the wave plant, is testing how much energy the plant can produce.

In spite of limited resources and external constraints Frederikshavn plans an ambitious energy transition: By 2030 it will only use clean renewable energy. 

Frederikshavn Boligforening produces 500,000 kWh annually via solar cells. The remaining power needed to supply the association is purchased from the Danish supplier Eniig, which supplies green electricity.

The recipe for a municipal energy restructuring contains both will and knowledge. The next two days the results will present when participants from different EU countries meet to learn how Frederikshavn creates value in developing from black to green energy municipality.

A very happy 17-year-old high school student from Frederikshavn is one of the ten new members of Energy, Supply and Climate Minister Lars Christian Lilleholt's newly created Youth Climate Council.

Members of Denmark's first municipal youth climate council are invited to the 2´nd International Conference on Sustainability starting in Bremen today, to present Ungeklimarådet Frederikshavn to participants from all over the world.

Over two hundred billion kroner is invested in industry and energy projects in Norway each year.

From offices in Skagen and in Kristiansand Niels Dal searches the need for impartial energy advice, and in a year and a half he has created a company that serves customers in Norway - and in North Jutland.

Private landlords can renovate with grants. The energy city Frederikshavn focuses on energy optimizing the homes in the municipality. Now it´s time to focus on rental properties where many people have a great need. Less consumption.

Good news from Kattegat. The wave energy plant Tordenskjold is stable and produces electricity at the testsite. The company behind Tordenskjold, Crestwing, expects more results in a month.

A group of green enthusiasts is now launching a local climate effort. Behind the initiative is the Energy City. The purpose is to activate the entire Frederikshavn municipality.

In the climate municipality of Frederikshavn, more than 150 companies work to produce green goods or services. This shows a new mapping of the companies in the municipality that the Energy City has made

A majority in the City Council of Frederikshavn Municipality has decided that the municipality will not use its right of opposition to a test site for offshore wind turbines northeast of Frederikshavn Harbor.

Properly anchored in the waves close to Frederikshavn, the prototype, Tordenskiold, must stand its test and establish that there are oceans of energy to extract from the sea.

Six months ago, in May 2018, the Danish philanthropic funding association, Realdania, published a report

We do have wind turbines and solar power cells to produce green energy, but so far no one really succeeded in exploiting the enormous energy ressources within the ocean waves.

Better indoor climate, higher sales value, savings on electricity and heating bills and a boost of common areas. These are some of the positive effects that come with energy refurbishment of especially older houses.